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Карта проезда

Passage on Primorskoye and to Zelenogorskoye Highway

GPS: N60.247558, E29.785699

  1. Exit from city by Savushkina street or Primorskoye Highway, through Police station in Lahta.
  2. Drive by Primorskoye Highway in direction to Sestroretsk city
  3. Pass through Sestroretsk city and oil-station "Neste" (to the right side), pass by interchange straight to Vyborg city.
  4. On the second interchange (500-700 meters) turn left (direction Vyborg city)
  5. Then (after 500 meters after interchange) in front of bridge turn right ( follow the sign to Zelenogorsk and follow higway to Zelenogorsk)
  6. Move the highway to Zelenogorsk city straight.
  7. In Zelenogorsk on crossroad with Lenina street turn right, under railway bridge , in direction of Ilichevo village (you will see the sign)
  8. Next crossroad go straight in direction of Ilichevo (5 km is left to the resort "Lesnaya Rapsodiya")
  9. After 5 km riding turn left (bus station "Krasavitsa")
  10. You will see "LESNAYA RAPSODIA" sign.