Самоизолируйтесь с удовольствием
Просторные апартаменты
Доставка завтраков
Наличие в номере собственной кухни
Прекрасный вид на озеро и лес

Resort on the Great Lake Simaginskoye

«Forest Rhapsody»Leningrad Region, 30 minutes from St. Petersburg

Self insulate with pleasure
Spacious apartment
Breakfast delivery
Availability in the room of own kitchen
Beautiful view of the lake and forest

Apartments in Cottages

“Lesnaya Rapsodiya” Resort offers its guests apartment accommodation in two-story cottages for all tastes.


Organize a luxurious wedding with an on-site registration or a themed celebration with important people, have fun in a company of friends or celebrate a children's birthday - the country hotel "Lesnaya Rapsodia" is able to cater for a festive event of any format.


“Lesnaya Rapsoiya" is a multifunctional complex perfectly suitable for business events and corporate meetings.
  • Rest for children
  • Thematic Holidays
  • Corporate events
On the shore of a picturesque lake, surrounded by age-old pines, the restaurant Rapsodiya awaits its guests daily, from morning till late at night.
Primavera is located in the building of “Lesnaya Rapsodiya" Hotel on the ground floor with access to a spacious terrace.
The banquet hall “NaGorke" is the visiting card of “Lesnaya Rapsodiya" Resort. The hall is located on the high sandy shore of the lake, offering a stunning view at the sunset.


"Lesnaya Rapsodiya" offers exquisite cuisine and high-quality service. In our country restaurant you can sit back, relax and enjoy delicious meals and
a superb view of the sunset.
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Entertainment and leisure

Barbecue Pavilions

Barbecue pavilions located directly on the shore of the lake are ideal for a get-together with friends (each pavilion has capacity for up to 12 persons).

You can make shashlik yourself or you can ask our chef to prepare the meat or fish for you according to his special recipe.

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Sports Grounds

For modern active people we have sports grounds, roller tracks, hiking trails, boats and kayaks.

Our guests can take advantage of a variety of sports facilities, roller tracks and tourist routes.

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Equipment Rental

“Lesnaya Rapsodia” Resort operates a rental service for various sports and recreational equipment. You're definitely not going to have a dull moment with us.

Whatever the season, there we can always offer something for everyone to guarantee a great time.

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Outdoor Leisure, Forest Hiking

Tired of the city fuss, come to "Lesnaya Rapsodiya” Recreation Center, situated in a quiet, picturesque corner of the Leningrad Region.

Quality service and maximum comfort are waiting for you!

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There is a gym in the hotel where you can practice at your own pace.

Gym training is a great way to improve the overall tone of the body.

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