27 december 2017
Birra M
We rested with my family, two children, stayed in the main building, despite the availability of cottages! It is more convenient to go to the SPA and go for breakfast, at least to us, the youngest 9 months). Everything was always at a high level, the rooms were clean and prepared, the baby cot was in place, the sofa was dismantled, it is evident that the guests were expected here))). There is one nuance: the rooms facing the lake are less than 10 meters away from the opposite side, so you need to take this into account.) Of course, we will someday stay in cottages with pleasure, in my opinion the best houses are 13 and 14, well, they are the most expensive ones))) On the territory there is a restaurant, the food was delicious, quite diverse, the average check is 5000 rubles per family of 4 people. After a complete reconstruction of the restaurant there was an excellent veranda with a very beautiful view of the lake! A huge area, a pedestrian zone along the lake, the possibility of renting bicycles, picking mushrooms and just walking with strollers in a very beautiful place, all this makes Lesnaya Rapsodiya an ideal place to return!
27 december 2017
Konstantin C
Had a wonderful rest in “Lesnaya Rapsodiya”! Representatives of as many as four generations of our clan “took part” in the visit :). And all remained more than satisfied. In order: 1. We rented the cottage "Alisa" - liked the location and the equipment of the house: there was everything necessary, and not too necessary, but pleasant - they had both a fireplace and a sauna; 2. Territory: large, well-groomed, you get the feeling that the owners are always trying to do yet something that will make the stay of the guests even more pleasant; 3. Attendants: friendly, precautionary and professional; 4. Restaurants: we liked both breakfast and a la carte lunch. Conclusion: we will definitely come again!